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Episode Title:
Chinkyuu is taken in by Ryofu.
Episode Description:
Enjutsu is singing at her palace. After singing, she is indecisive about the food and drink she would have, only to make Choukun lectures her. Ryūbi's party arrives Enjutsu's city and takes a look at a gift shop. Chōhi wants a little toy dog charm, and a girl shows up saying she sees it first. They quarrel, Chōhi wins and the girl yells at her, running away the shop. Going out from the shop, they meet Ryofu. She talks to Kan'u, Chōhi and Chouun, and the girl earlier suddenly does Chōhi a "knee drop". Ryūbi's party talk to Ryofu and the girl, whom Ryofu calls Chinkyuu, and know about a married arrangement about Chouchou (Chinkyuu's dog). But Ryofu's party is giving up due to Enjutsu's poor managing the city. Ryūbi's party learns about Chinkyuu's hard past, and how she meets Ryofu and how she makes Chinkyuu's life better. Chōhi also learns that the little toy dog Ryofu hangs in the head of her "Houtenkakugeki" (her weapon) has lost, and the one she has bought from the shop resembling it (so Chinkyuu really wants it), then she gives it to Chinkyuu.

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