Tender Touches Season 1 Episode 1 Heated Floors


Watch full Tender Touches Season 1 Episode 1 full HD online. Cartoon video Tender Touches Episode 1 online for free in HD. Heated Floors. Steve (Maxime Simonet) and Charlene (Bradley "Bwadley" Millner) are holding hands when Steve asks why Charlene's hand is shaking. Charlene explains that she is nervous by the thought of Curtis (David Bonawits) returns home early. However, Curtis does so and is taken aback by the sight of his brother Steve cheating with his girlfriend Charlene. While Steve defends why he is undressed by relating how he needed help applying a massage oil, Curtis interrogates the two. Steve remains defensive, while Charlene reveals the truth. Upon this epiphany, Curtis goes to his car to cry and contemplates his next plan: murdering Steve by a long knife stabbed through his heart. Returning to the living room, Curtis wields the long knife and exacts his revenge against his brother's betrayal.

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