Tender Touches Season 1 Episode 2 Bamboo Floors


Watch full Tender Touches Season 1 Episode 2 full HD online. Cartoon video Tender Touches Episode 2 online for free in HD. Bamboo Floors. Curtis is stuck in the middle of traffic en route to the hospital while Charlene tends to Steve whose organs remain loose. Frustrated at both the traffic and Steve's bleeding, Curtis vents about the Dodge Shadow ahead of them. Despite the trying situation, Curtis tries to console Steve with a rendition of a Gwen Stefani song. Brought to the hospital, Steve lies on a "luxury gurney" and talks with Curtis about their predicament. Meanwhile, Charlene goes by the vending machine for a churro and a coffee. Dr. Bysmol (Lauren Payne) shows up and assesses Steve's medical dilemma. Curtis explains how the dilemma arose, while Steve is placed in a hospital bed. Steve is given a milk transfusion, while Curtis has to leave given a housing prospect for a prospective young couple.

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