The Addams Family 1992 Episode 2 - Dead and Breakfast


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Episode Title:
Dead and Breakfast.
Episode Description:
Wednesday and Pugsley's bad mood over the sunny weather is worsened when they are assigned a school project called 'creative problem solving through junior career exploration'. Through the enthusiasm of Gomez, it is decided that they turn the Addams home into a "dead and breakfast." Wednesday and Pugsley are reluctant to start the project, but do not want to let down their parents. After the hotel's opening, the trouble starts. Not only are the Normanmeyers determined to ruin their business, the Addams receive a visit from a health inspector Mr. Limp, who is courted by Granny, and they also have a guest, Mrs. Quaint, that sets her eyes on the family fortune. Wednesday and Pugsley eventually use booby traps to capture Mrs. Quaint thereby solving a problem creatively. Mrs. Quaint is arrested by the police and Normanmeyer is displeased that Mr. Limp was romanced by Granny.

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