To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd Episode 12 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Prediction is Impossible ~Rampaging Darkness~.
Episode Description:
Darkness seeks someone to do ecchi things with. The principal offers himself but Darkness sends him to the Arctics. She pulls her true target, Rito, out of class, and plunges him into the swimming pool. She manipulates the pool's water to grope everyone including Tearju, setting up a place to kill Rito. Darkness enjoys Rito's gestures and plans to inherit his techniques by swallowing him. Momo and Nana intervene, but Darkness creates clones of Rito who molest them. They respond by making everyone, including Rito, evacuate. Darkness then recalls how she first awakened when she lost Tearju. She attacked the organization, split Planet Kild in half, and ended up battered in front of Ryouko. Nemesis is satisfied with Darkness until she mentions her desire to toy with Rito because of his mastery with molestation. Meanwhile, in class, Yui tries to silence everyone about Rito's kidnapping but Lala chooses to investigate, sensing serious danger. Yui and Haruna later investigate on their own with Yui suspecting that Lala's inventions are causing it. They bump into Rito and Darkness in whom the latter demonstrates her wormhole ability by indirectly groping Haruna and Yui. When Darkness prepares to fatally attack Rito, Lala arrives. Darkness also sends Momo and Nana to Mea's apartment. Nana observes the room and confirms that Nemesis is lying about Mea. As for Mea, she orders Nemesis to return her body but Nemesis refuses to state that they were born to coexist. Nemesis promises Mea to return her body after Darkness kills Rito but Mea objects. Mea also has friends and no longer needs to rely on Nemesis. Like Ren and Run, people can separate from adulthood. Nemesis refuses and restrains Mea more until Oshizu, summoned by Mea, performs an exorcism.

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