To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd Episode 13 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Power and power ~Protector and the Protected~.
Episode Description:
Nana and Momo return to school and arrive just when Oshizu completes her exorcism. As Nana and Mea reconcile, Nemesis materializes, applauding Mea for her strategy. Momo is curious about Nemesis's form and analyzes it until Nana calls everyone to help Lala. Mea defies Nemesis orders and joins in. Meanwhile, Darkness attacks Lala with a large clone of Rito. Lala dodges and destroys it much to Darkness's surprise. As they fight, Momo, Nana, and Mea meet up with bystanders Yui and Haruna. Mea reassures everyone noting that Yami is currently experiencing a nightmare. Suddenly, Darkness destroys Lala's sword and attacks her with molestation. Lala counters by using her inventions to take Rito. Lala asks Rito to stay with her as she deflects Darkness's pillar of light attack with her tail beam. The pillar knocks Lala and Rito to Haruna's apartment, but Lala manages to destroy it. However, as a consequence of using so much power, Lala shrinks into a little child like her father. Darkness mocks the Deviluke's and tries to continue fighting until Zastin and his bodyguards arrive. They attempt to eliminate Darkness but Momo and Nana arrive, restraining Zastin. Mea also arrives and confronts Darkness ensuring another fight. As they fight, Mea confirms flaws with Darkness: There are too little power output and too much emphasis on Rito's perversion, indicating an incomplete transformation and that Yami is still conscious. Because Rito is responsible for the flaw, Momo and Nana demand Rito think of a strategy to attack Darkness. Rito's actions will expand the flaw and crash the transformation. Mea buys time by letting Darkness attack her and waste her powers. After Darkness ties Mea on a beanstalk, Rito arrives with his plan: molest Darkness on his own will.

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