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Episode Title:
Are You Familiar with the Concept of Little Sister Moe?.
Episode Description:
After walking with Asuka to school, Takashi discusses with Kuroudo and Miyako about the concept of little sister moe, which is an infatuation for any girls that resembles one's sister. While walking with Asuka, Takashi briefly runs into Yū, who believes that he is Shūsuke. Takashi then encounters Alice and Harue, who both think that he is Hayato. Asuka brings Takashi to her house, where he explains that he prefers to reside in Gredaguard rather than in the real world. Asuka reveals that she had an imaginary brother named Asumu during her lonely childhood. She then shows Takashi a video game called Wingquest, set in the world of Gredaguard. However, Takashi is overwhelmed as he denies that Gredaguard is an imaginary world. Shūsuke and Hayato alternate as they take over the vessel, in which Asuka punches them both and demands for Takashi to return. After a while, Asuka spreads her wings and finally reaches out to Takashi, convincing him to face reality. Takashi goes back home to Kobato, who is worried because of his injuries. The next day, Takashi and Kobato argue outside the house as Kakeru urges them to get in the car.

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