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Episode Title:
Please, Always Be a Fan, Okay?.
Episode Description:
Hayato takes over the vessel and goes to school as Takashi. When Masako puts Hayato in charge of assigning the graduation essays to the class, his mean personality is reflected. Kuroudo is aware of the truth behind Takashi's vessel being shared with Shūsuke and Hayato, while Miyako thanks Takashi for talking to her upon their first encounter, unaware that she is currently speaking to Hayato. Meanwhile, Hayato hangs out with Naru, Alice, Ai and Harue at the swimming pool. Later, when Naru and Ai take Hayato to the bar, Hayato has Shūsuke take over the vessel. Shūsuke tries to avoid making a scene, but Karuo and Eriko purposely call for Hiyoko, since Shūsuke has been seen with two girls. After Shūsuke and Hiyoko overhear Naru and Ai talk about "Smiling Inside" and "88th Birthday", Shūsuke introduces Naru and Ai to Hiyoko. After Naru and Ai leave, Shūsuke encourages Hiyoko to write another novel for her fans, despite her fear of criticism. After submitting a successful manuscript for her third novel, Hiyoko confronts and reconciles with Eriko and Kinako.

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