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Episode Title:
Kobato is Cute, Huh?.
Episode Description:
Shūsuke takes up a part-time job at the bar in place of Kinako, who has left to attend college. Hiyoko gives Shūsuke a huge training manual for him to read overnight. Shūsuke encounters Kobato on her way to shop for some soy sauce, and he is later excited when Yū sets an earlier deadline due to being impressed with his article review so far. Meanwhile, Hayato discovers that Naru has an infatuation for worker uniforms. The members of the Yanagihara Flame Birds (Sen'ichi "LR2001" Sōda, Hiroshi "Chikedon" Shimabukuro, Kazuma Morisato and Daisuke "Bunny D" Domon) tell Hayato that the Twilight Rave Party is hosted by their rivals, a goth gang named R-Wing. Before boarding a train, Naru purposely drops her wallet, and she is happy when Hayato finally addresses her by her first name. At the Twilight Rave Party, the members of the Yanagihara Flame Birds attack the members of R-Wing (Archbishop, Kyouya, Michiya and Sakuya) with firecrackers. Kakeru arrives and defeats Archbishop even after being shot in the arm by him. Hayato then breaks up a fight between Kakeru and Kuroudo Hariu, the leader of R-Wing who plays a hand drum.

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