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Episode Title:
Drac... I May Have Gotten Pregnant.
Episode Description:
As Hayato meets up with Naru to find her bicycle, Ai Kohda tries to claim Hayato as her husband. After the members of the Yanagihara Flame Birds tell Hayato that Archbishop has escaped from the hospital, Hayato does research on the official website of R-Wing, learning from the online posts that Archbishop has been kicked out of the gang. Hayato becomes disturbed when Naru and Ai draw too much attention over him. Meanwhile, Hiyoko falls from an office chair and lands on Shūsuke after declining assistance from him to reach a box on top of the dressing room lockers. Kakeru later gets angry when Eriko touches his injured arm, but he leaves after Karuo calms him down. A man wearing a hat and trench coat, who forgets to pay his bill, sees Shūsuke and runs out of the bar in fear. As Shūsuke protects Hiyoko, he is knocked out with a chair thrown by the man. This triggers Shūsuke to awaken Hayato as his alter ego, scaring the man away with his fists. It is shown that Takashi, Shūsuke and Hayato each share the same vessel, respectively nicknamed the "Daytime Hawk", the "Evening Eagle" and the "Late Night Falcon".

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