We Without Wings Episode 7 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Your King's Glorious Return!.
Episode Description:
It is shown that Garuta, whose real name is Karura Itami, possessed Hayato from within Gredaguard. Kakeru introduces Karura to the members of the Yanagihara Flame Birds to have a picnic at a mall. However, Karura is not used to the human world, shown when he believes that a snowman prop was a real creature and when he studies from a sex education textbook. Karura throws a cake out of anger at Platinum, a man who introduces his 71st girlfriend, which starts a cake throwing war in the mall. During this time, Karura recognizes Kobato as Princess Dove of Gredaguard as she passes by. He arrives home to Kobato, and he tries to express his feelings of love to her in an inappropriate way. He tells her that he will not allow Takashi, Shūsuke or Hayato to take possession of the vessel, which upsets her. When Kobato goes to check on her bathtub, Karura decides to return to Gredaguard in order to atone for Kobato's sadness.

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