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Episode Title:
Eek! No, I'll Make Noise!.
Episode Description:
Hayato learns that Alice saw Martinez being shot by a man wearing a hat and trench coat, but Harue is relieved that the bullet did not hit any of Martinez's vital organs. It is revealed that the man wearing a hat and trench coat is actually Archbishop. Meanwhile, Shūsuke throws away Karuo's perverted collectibles, otherwise known as "smut". Shūsuke later becomes aroused when Hiyoko rubs disinfectant cream across his head wound. Hayato instructs Naru to go back home, worrying about her safety. He then warns Kakeru about Archbishop, but Kakeru mentions that his sister Naru means nothing to him anymore, much to Hayato's surprise. Yū discusses with Shūsuke about the contrast in moods and emotions in Hiyoko's two bestselling novels, "Smiling Inside" and "88th Birthday". Hayato is approached by Naru wearing a cat costume, but Archbishop suddenly appears and shoots off Naru's cat ear, causing Hayato to punch Archbishop in rage. Hayato faints after the members of the Yanagihara Flame Birds capture Archbishop and retrieve Naru. Kakeru is shocked when Hayato reawakens as King Garuta Dark-Black of Gredaguard.

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