We Without Wings Episode 9 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
My Heart is Heaving!!.
Episode Description:
Asuka promises to not tell Takashi that Shūsuke is a part of him. In the church of Gredaguard, Hayato is concerned why Shūsuke revealed the truth. In the real world, Shūsuke tries to maintain his cool as Takashi while in class, but he is approached by a talkative Miyako, who reveals that she is fully compatible with him. After school, Shūsuke tells Asuka that he is unable to bring back Takashi for now. Meanwhile, Karuo wants to promote the bar by having Eriko and Kinako dress up as pop stars. Later, Hiyoko tries to hide her feelings when she overhears Eriko and Kinako critiquing Shūsuke's article review on "88th Birthday", much different from "Smiling Inside". Elsewhere, Hayato, Naru, Ai and Kazuma run into the members of R-Wing, who thank Hayato for beating up Archbishop. Naru wants to find her bicycle because it contains a pager in the front basket. Alice and Harue tell Hayato and Naru that the bicycle was taken to a repository outside the city ward's office. Once there, Naru hides a message received on the pager and starts to ride her bicycle, while Hayato becomes curious and begins to chase her on foot.

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