Yami Shibai Season 7 Episode 13 English Subbed


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This story is told through the point of view of a refrigerator. When it was first bought by a family of five, it was happy, and it loved having its drawers and shelves filled with food. But times changed. As the family grows older, troubles start. There's not enough money to buy food, the kids cannot afford to go to college and the refrigerator is sad seeing that it is being filled with less and fewer contents. And the contents that are filled in it are turning out to be rotten. Soon, no one opened the refrigerator's doors anymore and it started to become lonely. Then one day, the family returns, wearing strange smiles on their faces and chanting, "It's the only way." as they stuff strange meat in the refrigerator. Meat that is familiar for some odd reason. At this point, the refrigerator notices that the father is no longer there. Another thing it notices is something even more peculiar: throughout the years it has known him, the youngest son never seems to grow old.

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