Yami Shibai Season 8 Episode 1 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Dropped Handkerchief.
Episode Description:
A group of teenagers arrive at an abandoned house to test their courage. One of them, a girl named Shizuka, starts to have second thoughts, but her boyfriend eggs her on. As they explore the house, they say that they heard the rumor that the previous family who lived at the house just disappeared one day. People have been wanting to get the house demolished, but anyone involved with it vanishes without a trace. The teens go upstairs to the youngest child's bedroom, which is said to be the worst spot. Suddenly, Shizuka gets a bad feeling when she sees the family's portrait with the faces of the family crossed out. As they enter the child's room, the teens decide to have a small party with just the four of them. Suddenly, a book drops to the floor. In it is a diary entry that says "We played the handkerchief game." Shizuka notices a handkerchief she hadn't seen before lying on the ground behind a boy named Takaaki. Suddenly, the candle go out. Shinji uses his phone light and that's when they realize Takaaki has disappeared. Shizuka notices the handkerchief is behind her friend, Kyouko. Shinji's phone light goes out all of a sudden and when he gets it back on, they both realize Kyouko is gone as well. Shinji thinks they're just playing a stupid prank, but Shizuka gets scared when she notices the handkerchief is behind her now. Terrified, she tosses it at Shinji, who disappears when the light goes out again. Alone, Shizuka cries in fear as the phone's battery dies. Just then, a child's voice speaks, "Now you're it." At that moment, the handkerchief turns from pink to red...

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