Kaidan Restaurant Episode 10 English Subbed


Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 10 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 10 English sub streaming online. The Mansion of Blue Flames : Her Little White House : The Ringtone from Beyond. The meals are introduced by Baku. The Mansion of Blue Flames Ako's class is rehearsing a play about vampires for the arts festival. Reiko claims the role of the protagonist, while Mari complains that she, too, wanted the role. Anko tells them she had to write the entire script and will have to be the narrator, but the teacher interrupts them. Reiko tells everyone that the cast and stage often has to be purified by an exorcist, so that a curse possibly related to the play would not pass on to them. Takuma says it's about vampires and not vengeful spirits, and Sho notes that she usually dismisses rumors like this. Reiko says that she doesn't believe in it, but was worried about the others. The play then begins. Reiko plays Mina, a girl who got lost in a storm and was found by Lumen (played by Sho), a dashing young gentleman. His father (played by Yuuma) appears, and asks her to marry his son. Mina agrees, and Lumen confesses his love. However, he wants to take Mina's blood, who is saved by the crucifix pendant she wears around her neck. Lumen runs off, and Mina tries to escape the castle, but cannot find her way out. Then she founds the father's casket, realizes that they are both vampires. Lumen tells her that he now has to kill her, but instead he shows her a secret escape route and lets her go. Yet the night fell on Mina, and Lumen's father found her in the woods, wanting to turn her. Lumen arrives as well, and tries to protect Mina. He takes her crucifix, wards off his father but is killed doing so. Mina cries as he and their mansion disappears in blue flames. But after the curtains close, Reiko starts acting weird. She uncovers her eyes which turned red, and she growls that Lumen is dead, but she will live on as a vampire and suck everyone's blood. Sho claps, and praises her for her acting talent. Reiko then takes her fake teeth and colored contact lens out, and laughs. The play becomes a success. Her Little White House Sho and Ako are at the Car Graveyard at sundown, and Sho shows Ako the Evening Star on the sky, explaining her that it's actually Venus, and that it is something he loves just as much as the scary stories. Ako had a dream that night, where she had a pair of winged boots and flew through the sky. But when she tried to fly towards Venus, her wings fell off and she woke up. Next day she tells Sho what happened, and he says he too would like to walk the sky once. Sho then shows Ako a planisphere he bought from the internet, and that he's concerned about a recurring dream he's been having ever since. In this dream he's on a field under a starry sky, which resembles the planisphere. On the field there is a little white house, with a blond girl sitting alone next to the window. Whenever he tried to go closer and call out to her, he stopped and then he woke up. When Ako asks him why , he says it's because she somehow reminded him of Venus and he became shy. He tells Ako that he would like to find out why he's seeing the dream, and Ako offers him her help. Sho permits her to enter his dream, which happens that very night. They fly to the house and find its door open. They meet the blond girl who is playing with the planisphere, who says she's been waiting for him for a long time, but he always woke up last minute. Anko suspiciously asks her what she is, and she retorts that she only invited Sho. She tries to trap them in the house, and starts turning the planisphere backwards to keep them young forever. Anko grabs Sho, and pulls him out through the window. When the girl tries to catch them, she lets go of the planisphere, making her and the house become old in an instant. The girl chases after them, but then Sho instructs Ako to fly towards the Venus like she did for the first time, and when her wings fall off they both return to their bodies. The next day Sho tells her he had the same dream. The Ringtone from Beyond Anko tells of a girl named Junko, who bought a cell phone, and texted her grandpa every day. They chose the melody of their hometown as a ringtone. He lived in a mountain lodge. One day a storm broke out, and he tried to descend to the town for shelter, but got caught in a landslide and died. On his funeral, Jun placed his phone in the casket, and asked him never to forget her. Suddenly, her phone rang with the tone only the two of them used... Anko ends the story by saying That was the last time she received a mail from him.

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