Samurai Warriors Episode 11 English Dubbed


Watch full Samurai Warriors Episode 11 English Dubbed streaming online. Samurai Warriors Episode 11 English dub online for free in HD. Isolated Castle A ceasefire is put into place. As a sign of trust, the outer moats are filled in and Takatora oversees reconstruction efforts. Aggressions between the two clans remains when Takatora's methods appear reproachful to local loyalists. Yukimura remembers his brother's parting words and warns Hideyori that another war shall be inevitable. Although Osaka Castle lays defenseless and its main keep remains charred from cannon fire, its people stay faithful to the late Hideyoshi's vision for unification. Understanding the hearts of his followers, Hideyori willingly breaks the treaty by declining an order to exile the rogue samurai from his castle. Both sides reflect on the past and steel their hearts for war, each of the Sanada brothers readying themselves to kill one another for their beliefs. Hidetada still feels the sting of Inahime's slap and vents his insecurities to a passing Nobuyuki. Inahime's slight outburst has him realize he is crushing under the pressures of leadership. He feels he is still inferior to his father and loathes war. The elder Sanada brother praises his pacifistic implications yet criticizes him to respect the fallen. If he doesn't mature soon, Hidetada is turning his back to their wishes. Although he pouts at the Sanada lord's support, Hidetada appreciates his opinion. Yukimura and company intercept the Tokugawa forces on the path towards Osaka Castle. Their offensive is admirable but the Tokugawa numbers overwhelm them. Within a short time, the Tokugawa forces plow towards their destination and rest near its borders. Nene pays Ieyasu a private visit, inquiring if this shall be the final battle. She entrusts him to realize her late husband's dream and vanishes, sharing her desire to witness the age that shall begin under Tokugawa rule. Kunoichi wants Yukimura's survival, but her call to duty silences her from speaking her thoughts. Kaihime catches onto her insecurities and encourages her to voice her heart before daybreak. As the Tokugawa troops come closer, Kunoichi tries confessing her feelings to Yukimura. She cuts herself short and instead asks for a promise to revisit the cherry blossom tree at Ueda Castle after the war. He agrees and exchanges a promise of his own: to hold Mitsunari's keepsake and return it to him when the war ends. Kunoichi swears again to protect him in soliloquy. The episode ends with the crimson armored Toyotomi troops roaring a vigorous war cry to their foes.

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