Samurai Warriors Episode 9 English Dubbed


Watch full Samurai Warriors Episode 9 English Dubbed streaming online. Samurai Warriors Episode 9 English dub online for free in HD. Osaka Tempest While Nobuyuki reports about Hideyori to Ieyasu, Yukimura's party arrives at Osaka which is filling in with landless samurai. Kaihime meets the trio in the streets and guides them to the Toyotomi lord. Hideyori privately welcomes Yukimura and Keiji for their stay; his refined conduct and ambitious defiance reminds them of the late Hideyoshi. The young lord's ties with Toshiie amuses Keiji enough to enlist into the Toyotomi troops. Before Hideyori leaves for Nijo Castle, Kiyomasa and Masanori arrive to pledge their loyalties to the Toyotomi family again. Despite criticism from nameless observers, Hideyori pardons them and has them accompany him. Ieyasu addresses the rumors that the Toyotomi are preparing for war during their talk and Hidetada questions Yukimura's whereabouts; the young lord fibs that he is merely sheltering the victims of Sekigahara and many men have used the hero's name for their self-benefit. Expressing concern for the future, Ieyasu entreats Hideyori to reside in Edo. Hideyori counters with a mocking proposal for the retired Ieyasu to live at Osaka. Realizing that negotiations are blemished by Hideyori's blooming potential, Ieyasu privately organizes his loyalists to take arms. He believes they should quickly end the Toyotomi to prevent a relapse to the cycle of warfare under Hideyori's name. The Toyotomi inner circle spend an evening bonding before they plan their defensive. Yukimura has scouted the grounds and offers his opinions to defend their pivotal front wall. He suggests for a fortress to be built, which Keiji proudly dubs in Yukimura's honor. During its construction, the Tokugawa forces rout Toyotomi forces scattered along their path. By the time they surround Osaka Castle, they face the completed Sanada Maru.

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