We Without Wings Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
O, How Virtuous is Our Honored Hawk!.
Episode Description:
Takashi and Asuka pretend to be a couple on mutual terms to prevent Takashi from being picked on by his classmates. Takashi's classmate Masako Takauchi, who is assigned with him to write a graduation essay together, leaves him with all the work since he is dating Asuka. Takashi briefly escapes to his imaginary world of Gredaguard, where he serves as a knight named Lord Hawk Cyan-Blue under the rule of Princess Asuka. Afterwards, Takashi runs into Kuroudo, who feels apathetic that Asuka has chosen to be with Takashi. When being summoned back to Gredaguard, Takashi leads his comrades into battle against the enemies in order to protect the kingdom. At night, Asuka calls Takashi, pondering if he has found another girl. The next day, Takashi returns to Gredaguard, where a handmaiden, who resembles Masako, tries to seduce him but ends up rejecting him. After school, Asuka invites Takashi to go shopping with her, but she mentions that she has waited two years for him be the one to ask her out. Meanwhile, Hayato witnesses Martinez being carried into an ambulance, while Alice runs to Hayato and embraces him in tears.

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